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I was working on the Fishnet Missions site today
and I got to thinking about last year.

Last year almost 2 million pounds of food
went through Fishnet missions.

Some 58,000 people were helped, just at the pantry.
40,000 meals were served by us and our partners.
Thousands of seniors received assistance.
Dozens of our partner churches received food assistance.

All from a small independent food pantry
in a small town of thirty thousand people.

Most of this food was stuff that people threw away:
Day old bread,
produce that was over ripe,
dented cans,
damaged cases.

There is no money at Fishnet to buy food,
so we make use of surplus and salvage.

The hours of operation for free food handout are Tuesday and Thursdays 5:00am -7:45am

What a privelege it was to be a part of such a mighty move of God!

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